In my youth I attended school in a small farming community.  Even though I had an interest drawing and art there were no classes offered in the art field.  In the late 1950s while in the military I started doing some cartooning.  I managed to have a couple items published, but I lost interest.  In the early 1960s I went to college in the GI Bill.  I took some art history and basic art classes even though my major was business.  From then on making a living and raising four children  occupied my time.  It wasn't until I retired in 2004 that I starting taking time for art.  I am for the better part, self taught along with an extensive library of art books.  That along with associating with a few artists that I'm very happy to call my friends I have enjoyed the progress I have made up to this time in life. Gary McMann Copyright 2018 NW Oil Painters Guild