Beth Kitselman I have always had an eye for color and decorating, had the ability to draw, but never painted on a canvas  until about six years ago.   I like to use texture in my artwork and will use tissue, palette knife, acrylics and oils.  Taking a blank canvas and having it evolve into what you have envisioned in your mind is amazing.  I have learned to see and appreciate every day things around us in a whole new way and am so amazed by the beauty that was created for us.  I am married,  have  lived in the Pacific Northwest for 39 years, and in the Vancouver area (La Center) for seven years.  I also work as a paralegal in a downtown Vancouver law firm part time.  My husband and I  have three grown children and three grandchildren.  Painting is a very personal journey and I am enjoying the learning and growing process in my art. BETH KITSELMAN is a  local artist, who draws her inspiration from nature, as well as colors and textures.  For more examples of her work, go to- BKitselman@TDS.Net,,,, or Copyright 2018 NW Oil Painters Guild