Born in Philadelphia in the middle thirties, I grew up heavily influenced by art and the cultural atmosphere that was happening in this bustling city. The city of “brotherly love” is still a thriving east coast art market that comprises some of the oldest art schools and galleries in America. As a youngster I admit to spending numerous hours at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Philadelphia Museum of Art admiring much of the original work of America’s past masters. Artists such as Inness, Moran, Chase, Homer and Bierstadt, among others that were available to a young “want to be” artist. By age 16, I began working with all the color mediums then available to me. It was then that I started to generate my lifelong love of oil painting in particular. There is not enough time in one’s lifetime to really, really learn how to paint. Is there painting in Heaven?   You may take a digital trip to two of my on-line galleries by clicking on this link Copyright 2018 NW Oil Painters Guild